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What Fabulous Parents We Have!

At harvest time we asked our parents to donate items for Swindon’s Food Bank. And didn’t you do us proud! Thanks to your efforts we were able to hand over enough food for 62 meals to Richard Belsham.


Winter Days At Learning Curve

Sssspooky Spiders - It's Pumpkin Day
  It's Snow Time!  
  Photo Assignment  


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Back in the summer you all helped make Midsummer mayhem a fund-raising success. And then you did it all again for Children in Need, where you helped us raise £262. And to round off a great year, you donated more food for our Christmas Hampers. Well done you! 

There is always plenty to do here, even in the Winter. So many jobs and so little time! Someone has to do the washing up and I just don’t see any of you boys doing it.

No sorry, we have just got to get this sand box sorted out.

“Aloe Vera Tea...let it stand in the pot for 5 minutes before pouring”

I think that’s what it said. Didn’t say what sort of pot though….  

Sorry, can’t help you here. We are busy doing ABC Music.

Oh no, Alison has let all the bubbles out. Quick everyone! Get them back in the bottle before they escape 

There were skulls bones and bats, black capes and pointed hats, skellingtons in Wellingtons and pumpkins galore on Pumpkin Day

Meanwhile the wicked witch was in her kitchen stirring her strange brew and cooking up all sorts of monstrous fare. Who let these out of the kitchen?   

And where did these strange creatures come from.

And here is the Witch's little helper, mixing up some magic spell. Shall we ask him what's going on? Oh no, he is saying nothing!

What’s cold and white and lies around for days on end? ………………

A lazy blancmange!

Yes it came early and took us all by surprise, but were we daunted? 

Were we heck!

So when we found it lying like a super-clean duvet, without its cover, there was nothing else for it - we just had to pick it up and throw it around!

We sent our special photo reporter out and about in the grounds to see what stories she could turn up.  Here are some of the shocking tales she has to tell:

Strange gnome-like character found hanging auto parts in nursery garden

Undercover nursery staff corner rural activist

Suddenly strange objects appeared in the woodland garden, hanging from a piece of string attached to a tree. What devilment was this? Black Country John, aged 105, was apprehended early one Saturday morning by an undercover team from Learning Curve. Working overtime, the sharp-witted detectives discovered the terrible truth .


John Blaney is the guru of the Forest School movement and he was at the nursery to bring a host of inspirational ideas on outdoor play. Look out children - you are in for some serious outdoor fun

Terrorist plot uncovered

Children discovered signalling to military aircraft

Unbelievable but true: children as young as three were seen standing on a hill trying to make contact with an alien spacecraft. A Hercules pilot from RAF Lyneham reported the incident to the Ministry and an urgent investigation was launched. Amazingly, our intrepid photographer was able to snap this shot without being seen.

Today’s Inside Story:       Bassett Nursery in Shock GM Snail Breeding Programme Scandal!